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[Name of ‘requester’] asks the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam to furnish a digital copy of the following archive, held by the IISH: [name of the archive/collection]

[Name of ‘requester’] acknowledges by email that she/he will observe the following:

1 The files will be used only for the research of [name of ‘requester’]. She/He will take care that the files will not pass into the hands of others.

2 [Name of ‘requester’] will observe all the legal provisions concerning copyright, the protection of privacy, libel, etc. and shall indemnify the Institute against any legal consequences arising from her/his use of the digital content.

3 Any materials used for publication must carry a credit line: [Name of collection], International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam).

4 The IISH has a right to a free copy of publications based on archival material held by the IISH. Please confirm by email that you are aware of and will observe the above mentioned conditions. The International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, [date]

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