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Prevent permanent data loss from system administration activity


  • Making an unintentional mistake
  • Trying to accomplish needed tasks with workarounds; to make the system do something for which it was not designed
  • Acting with the intention of causing harm

First line of defense: backup

A 30 day retention grantees file recovery.

Any unauthorized or accidental change or removal of data can be restored within this time frame.

Second line of defense: WORM

Data removal after 30 days can be recovered with the WORM solution. It is an isolated environment with:

  • encrypted filesystem
  • rsync data with Syncthing file versioning
  • log and sent mail message of system activity to a list of administrators and application owners in real time
  • lock out after failed login attempts
  • custodian has read access to WORM to created temporal keys
  • DI sysadmin needs temporal key for full control access

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